Vanilla Lavender Body Creme - BEST SELLER!

$10.00 - $25.00

Our best selling body creme! The alluring aroma has been described as white vanilla cake from a bakery with a subtle hint of lavender. Vanilla Lavender body cremé softens and moisturizes dry skin.

Vanilla Lavender body creme is the only creme in our line made solely with mango butter. Mango butter is known to have many benefits for the skin, including eczema, dermatitis, anti-aging, stretch marks, heals dry skin, heals sunburn and so much more!

**mentioned on the popular podcast "The Friend Zone with Hey Fran Hey!**

Ingredients: Raw mango butter, grapeseed (seed oil) oil, sweet almond oil, essential oil and fragrance oil

How to Use:
Start with a pea sized amount of body butter, melt between palms and apply to desired areas. For best results, apply after shower or bath. Repeat twice a day or as needed. Use a small amount so your skin isn't too oily.

8 oz.