Sweet Honey Almond Body Creme


Sweet Honey Almond body creme nourishes dry skin as whipped raw African Shea butter is paired up with some of the finest carrier oils to get rid of dry flaky skin, sooth eczema rash, and moisturize your skin.

Honey Almond fragrance is sweet and alluring. A rich nutty blend of sweet honey and almond extract. Fruity, buttery top notes with ozone, mid -notes of almond, warm honey and rich chocolate. The scent is completed with a coconut vanilla base.

Sweet Honey Almond will keep your skin nourished all day! Pair this body creme with my Sweet Honey Almond exfoliating body scrub or Almond Coconut beauty bar!

This body creme can also be used on the hair as a moisturizer.

Ingredients: Raw African Shea butter, seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, fragrance oil

How to Use:

Start with a pea sized amount of body butter, melt between palms and apply to desired areas. For best results, apply after shower or bath. Repeat twice a day or as needed. Use a small amount so your skin isn't too oily.