"Love, You!" Limited Edition Box

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A customized box, curated by Rebeca herself to promote self-love, skincare, selfcare and worth. She hopes that this box, made with a variety of new products with calming and pleasant scents will allow someone to learn what it truly means to put oneself first and to "Love, You!"

What is "Love, You!"

"Love, You!" is about loving yourself. Loving you means getting a good nights sleep, eating something healthy, going for a walk, disconnecting from social media, drinking tea, meditating, journaling and most importantly dedicating time to care for and love your skin. This box allows you to luxuriate in products that all aide in loving you and bringing out the best version of yourself.

What's Inside?

- 1 BSBR "Love, You!" Strawberry Butter Body Creme
*contains almond + coconut oil*

- 1 BSBR "Love, You!" Strawberry Body Scrub
*contains almond + coconut oil*

- 1 BSBR Handmade Beauty Bar
*light citrus +jasmine + rose + hyacinth with musky base

- 1 BSBR Shea Butter Infused Bath Fizzie
*Berrylicious fruity scent*

- 1 BSBR x Cozy Wicks Hand-poured Soy Candle **
*bergamot + thyme + mandarin + ginger + jasmine blossom* light & crisp

- 1 BSBR Journal

- 1 Burlap Baggie of Delicious Chocolates
*milk chocolates*

- Unique Blended Tea

**special collaboration**